“I travel, surf and paint in some of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth... in reality and imagined. I would like to think my paintings reflect the amazing adventures I’ve had and convey that indescribable feeling of a beautiful sunset reflecting on a perfect wave on a perfect beach.”


At age 18 Chandler was awarded a full scholarship to Art School where he studied graphic design and illustration and started his artistic career as a technical illustrator at the Johnson Space Center, NASA for the space shuttle program.

Attracted by better surf and the lifestyle of Southern California, Chandler moved to San Diego. Since that time he has become an award-winning artist and illustrator, with his artwork featured on magazine covers, national advertisements, editorial art, brochures, and billboards. Was the recipient of the New York Art Directors Award for pen & ink illustrations in the book “Jasper Ridge, a Stanford Sanctuary,” and... one of his paintings appeared in the movie “The Big Bounce” starring Owen Wilson.

Recent commissions include the poster and t-shirt paintings for The Aloha Expo, Heritage of Aloha Festival, E Hula Mau and Noah Kai Clothing company .

Chandler currently lives and works on a three-acre “Starlite Ranch”, located on “the outer island of Fallbrook,” which he and his partner Mary are developing as an artist retreat. With a large studio, potters wheels, kiln, guest cottage, and lots of room for creativity.